1 Day Photo Trip in Paris

Paris belongs to the artist. All the thoughts and acts whether ridiculous or reasonable can be accepted in there. The Spanish novel writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón said: Paris is the only city in the world can make the death into the art. This city known as the symbol of romance, fashion and cate, taking creative photos is my top task during my 1-day trip in Paris.

photo trip

My first stop is the Louvre Museum

Louvre is the world’s oldest, largest and most famous museums located at the right bank of the Seine River in the centre of Paris. It was founded in 1204, after more than 700 years of expansion and reconstruction to reach today’s scale. In the collection, the statue of Venus, the oil painting of “Monalisa” and the statue of “the goddess of victory” known as the world’s three treasures. You can take thousands of picture about the collection in a normal version, but why not be more creative? Taking the identification photo for the world treasures sometimes is boring. With the help from the souvenir, you can have a funnier picture.



The second stop is Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees is shining in the clear sky, Parisians like to read a book in the sun drinking a cup of black coffee and chatting a fresh story with their old friends. At the start and the end of this famous avenue are the Eiffel Tower and the Triumphal Arch. Almost everyone knows those two landmarks and already admired their beauties from the photo in the magazine or on the website. Besides taking a photo with the normal angle, let us make some change. Can you recognise the architecture in the following photo? The answer is —- the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. It looks so different.

And the same for the Triumphal Arch. During a long climbing way to reach the top, just take a break and look back, you will gain the beauty inside the building.

After this 1-day photo trip in Paris, another key tip about taking a photo is being patient. You will never know where and when the perfect picture comes from so keep trying and make sure your camera is 100% charged for this “fight”.

Ps a travel info: all the residents in EU and UK from 16 to 25 can get free access to all the sight spots!!!


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